Kalau post ini tak payah buat title kan senang

It's been ages without writing a post. Surprisingly, i have a strong desire to write again *aku pun malas sebenarnya* . why ? because I'm to lazy to think about the title . so today I write randomly and not even related to the TITLE , just don't bother to know *nak bother apanya , ini sebenarnya entry tanpa TITLE*

What I'm going to write ? *where's my big question mark ????* *tak payah nak sibuk ada pun tak apa* *okay*

oh so *aku ni memang suka selang bebanyak*

Don't ask me what's going on because you know that school will be reopened in the next few days and i'm not ready at all. I want more holiday . Boarding School are a piece of shit , Secondary School *in my place* tonnes of shit . no no , all school are shit . my place , got so many wrempitz that doesn't die yet . Lepak dekat aeon , tangkap gambar kat aeon , tangkap gambar melompat kat tempat parking aeon . AEON Manjung is like Pavi Manjung . Pavillion manada kat Perak kan ? 

Aku ni sebenarnya bosan .

Bosan dan lagi bosan . Tak ada apa yang dapat di bosankan lagi .. 

POSTED BY diyana fadzil ON Monday, June 3, 2013 @ 3:28 PM
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